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Virtual Membership with John 3:16 Christian Center

There is nothing better than the corporate anointing that comes from being together with your brothers and sisters in church each and every week. This however is not always a privilege for everyone. There are many people facing a variety of circumstances that makes it difficult if not impossible to join this church family each week for services
- Those that are homebound,
- Those that live very far away due to moving and not yet having found a home church.
- College students who are away at school but want to continue to be able to hear services and the word of God on a weekly basis.
- Truck drivers…..these men and women are on the road for days at times. Many times these men and women are living on the road and rarely get a place to stay at home for a long period of time?.

- Individuals that are away serving in our military.

Over the years we have met many of these men and women who would love to have a church home, a place where they can be a part of a Church and fellowship with brothers and sisters who love them. Having virtual membership it will give people who are working in career fields where it is impossible to be at church on a weekly basis….to be at a church to call home.
They will be able to watch services "live" from their mobile devices/computers People who are away from home many times find it difficult to be away from loved ones. It can be overwhelming and stressful. The ability to have a church where they can call and send in prayer requests and have someone there to pray with them is priceless.
Our desire as a ministry has always been focused on love and family and providing a solid foundation in the word of God. Our desire is a ministry is to provide people a place to feel loved and call home a place to be apart no matter what their circumstances are.

I'm interested in becoming a virtual member with John 3:16 C.C.

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